Boo & Bubbles

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Boo & Bubbles

What does every kid want? A pet! Warm and fluffy or wet and scaly, a childhood pet is an essential tool for developing compassion and personal growth. Not to mention tons of fun!

In Boo & Bubbles, a girl and her cat are looking for a new underwater friend! Join Boo on her adventure to add a pet fish to her family. Teach children the importance of good animal care, regardless of the species. Written by a fish veterinarian, this book explores all the important steps in welcoming a new gilled member of the family. Best for young readers.

Dr. Jessie Sanders is a certified aquatic veterinarian and owner of Aquatic Veterinary Services, one of the only all-aquatic veterinary practices in the country. Written to inspire the next generation of fish-keepers, Dr. Sanders strives to pass on proper fish husbandry to all her clients. Fish are pets that can be enjoyed by everyone in the family!

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