D-Solve9 - Crystal Clear

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D-Solve9 - Crystal Clear
D-Solve9 - Crystal Clear

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CrystalClear D-Solv9 is formulated to be stronger, work faster and more economical per treatment than any similar product on the market today. CrystalClear D-Solv9 is designed to clear pond water in all sizes of ponds, fountains, bubblers and streams. CrystalClear D-Solv9 contains a 9% solutions of active product that is double that of competing brands, which allows you to use less per application. In fact, one 16 oz bottle of CrystalClear D-Solv9 treats 9,600 gallons.

CrystalClear D-Solv9 Application Rates
Pond Size
(In Gallons)
(Max Once a Week)
600 gallons 1 Ounce
1,200 gallons 2 Ounces
1,800 gallons 3 Ounces
2,400 gallons 4 Ounces

Application Rate
D-Solv9 should only be applied a maximum of once per week at the prescribed rate.

For Best Results
Designed to be a œQuick Fix it is recommended that CrystalClear ClarityMax be used after D-Solv9 treatments for best results.

Product Notices
Do not mix or use other water treatments while treating with D-Solv9.

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