Just Add Fish - Holiday Package

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Just Add Fish - Holiday Package
Just Add Fish - Holiday Package

Everything you need to get a new tank up and running - all you need to do is add the fish! Every kit includes a tank with built-in filter and lights, and everything listed below. We also throw in lots of great educational materials to make those first critical weeks a BREEZE! You'll be a fish expert in no time! Reserve before 12/15 for holiday delivery.

Kit includes:

  • Tank with built in filter and lights
  • Water quality test kit - includes kH
  • Infrared thermometer
  • Fish food - choice of goldfish or tropical
  • Gravel vacuum
  • 5" soft fish net
  • 4 oz Stress Coat water conditioner
  • Gravel substrate (random colors)

Special Offer for 2018

Add all three of our marvelous children's series, Boo & Bubbles, and receive a 10% discount! Includes George and Bubbles plushes.

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